Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A break in the heavy

A little over a year ago, Hubby and I decided that our two pups needed a sister. Obviously the human kind wasn't much of an option for us, so we agreed to adopt a black and white ball of hair from a nearby animal shelter. It turned out to be one of the best things we have ever done. Our pups have been a near and dear part of our hearts since the very early stages of our marriage. They have helped to ease the loneliness in our home. Hubby isn't a huge fan of cats and he wasn't sure about it at first although to my surprise, it was his idea. Neither one of us expected her to melt our hearts and change our lives (pups included) nearly as much as she did. I will always believe that God sent her our way as a salve for the deep wounds Hubby and I have endured in our journey to start a family. This week she has remained near my side while Hubby is away at work with an endless supply of her antics to make me smile.

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